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100% Homemade All-Natural Shampoo & Soaps For Cats & Dogs

As a fur parent myself, to a Pekingese, Silverback Miniature Yorkshire Terrier and several kitties, I needed to find a better solution instead of the high name brands for flea and tick prevention. Thru my own heart wrenching experience while using high commercial brands flea & tick repellent, which left my Pekingese, Mickey, with seizures I hated myself for not reading up on the medication side effects I was exposing my fur babies to. So, my mission was to find an alternative option.

Thru trial and error my soaps were born.

It's important to pay close attention to the products we use on our fur babies' skin, especially shampoos or soaps that are often filled with synthetic chemicals and toxins which are harsh on our pet's skin.  Some may contain a few natural extracts to fool the consumer into thinking they are safe.  However, these are nothing but marketing gimmicks to con you into buying their products.


Listed below are some commonly found ingredients in commercial dog & cat shampoo that are harmful to your animals.

1.  Lauryl Sulfate / Lauryl Sulfate

Chemicals used to capture oil & dirt that also strip the natural oil from the pets coat causing skin irritations.

2.  Cocamide DEA

A foam producing ingredient which comes from coconuts but has been chemically altered, so much so it is an organ toxin.

3.  Isopropyl Alcohol

Once absorbed, this chemical turns into acetone, which is a nerve and liver toxin, as well as a depressant.

4.  Artificial Colors

Artificial colors and chemicals are associated with forms of cancer.


Enjoy Seeing Your Fur Baby Happy & Healthy

Our impressive line of products include:

4 Paws Eucalyptus Soap - This is used as a flea and tick REPELLENT. This is also an anti-fungal.

4 Paws Chamomile Soap - This is used to relieve eczema, hot spots and inflammation from allergies and itching from flea bites.  It helps to heal the skin.

4 Paws LemonGrass/Lavender  Shampoo - Deters Fleas & ticks.  Leaving coat bright shiny and super soft.

4 Paws Organic Dry Shampoo -  100% safe for animals.  It kills and repels fleas & ticks without any harm to pet as it is a natural mineral.  It deodorizes, leaving a scent of lavender.  Can be used on carpet, furniture and pet bedding.  

Our motto is "P.T.C."   


Our Natural Soaps Are Safe For Human Contact so your Kids and Grandkids can safely wash your fur babies too!

More Natural Products to follow, keep watching!


Benefits To Pet Using Our All-Natural Products

  •  4 Paws strives to keep our products 100% Natural.  There are NO HIDDEN TOXINS and are specifically formulated for cats & dogs, as well as ALL your fur babies, hence our name 4 Paws All-Natural Soaps. Benefits in using 4paws soaps are you can rest assured your pet is not exposed to any harmful chemicals plus, your pet benefits from therapeutic properties which each essential oil offers.  You will notice after using our products how clean their fur becomes.  MY BOY MICKEY is a two-tone little fella, brown and white, but thru the years he lost the brightness to his coat and had a yellow tinge to it.  NOW once again its pure white due to bathing him with our natural soaps and he smells gorgeous and is protected from the little fleas, ticks and mosquitoes.  May I also add our soaps do not block pets natural skin function or fur follicle which causes irritation and smell. Our products contain saturated fats which are soothing to the animal, promoting healthy skin, ease inflammation, have anti-fungal and antiseptic properties KEEPING OUR FUR BABIES CALM, CONTENT and WAGGING TAILS!!!!   

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